Lilli House

Lilli House, our Transition House, is a place for women and children who are fleeing abuse to come for safety and suport, and to transition into a life free from violence. 

My children and I were a mess when we arrived on the Lilli House doorstep. I was a scared, beaten empty wreck. My children were frightened, confused and angry. First, I learned what abuse was, and that the way we were treated was not okay. I learned as much as I could so I would never put myself or my children in that place ever again. It’s been a long process, but Comox valley Transition Society has been by my side the entire way. ~Anonymous

CALL 9-1-1

If you are in immediate danger

250 338-1227

24-Hour Crisis Line

250 218-4034

24-Hour Text-only Line

In an emergency

Always call 9-1-1!

Caring, qualified people ready to help

Highly skilled, qualified staff are available 24 hours/day to provide information and emotional support in a safe, secure, non-judgemental & confidential environment.

Providing practical support

Residents are provided with practical help and information to meet needs such as housing, legal information, income assistance, and services for children.

Getting to safety

Staff will help make arrangements for you to get to Lilli House safely. 

Thinking of the kids

We believe when mom is taken care of and doing well, she does well for her children. Our top priority is the safety of the children, and we provide activities and support to both children and to their mothers. We also have a Family Support worker who advocates on behalf of and provides support to women and their children working with the Ministry of Children and Family Development. 

We hear so many women say that Lilli House “saved their lives”; that being here has “helped them on their path”. We’re often told that we are helping women get their power back and that affects their kids, too. Women tell us that it is “a community reminder that women still need a safe place”.

The impact of supporting women even in simple things, helps them know they are cared for and loved and part of the community. It’s personally humbling and encouraging to witness women using their strength and energy and doing the best they can. Coming to Lilli House is life changing for the women, but also for staff.  Every woman we work with changes our world, too.

Lilli House Staff Member

Rooms at Lilli House are spacious and comfortable. The house has a total of 9 bedrooms and 14 beds, and a beautiful, large private yard. 



How long can I stay?

Our staff will work with you to develop a plan fo ryour future. You can stay as long as you are working on that plan, whether you are looking for housing or developing a safety plan if you intend to return home. Some women only need to stay for a night or two, others stay longer. 


Will I have to share a room with another woman?

No. Women do not share rooms in Lilli House. Each woman has her own room. The bedroom doors all lock and each woman has a key to her own room. Children share a bedroom with their mother. 


What about meals? Will I need to provide my own food?

Each woman prepares breakfast and lunch for herself and her children. Residents take turns preparing dinner, but Lilli House provides all the food. Our staff will assist any woman who is unable to prepare her own meals. 


What do I need to bring?

You are not required to bring anything when you come to Lilli House. If and when possible, we encourage women to bring the following items:

  • ID, birth certificates;
  • medication/medical cards;
  • bank cards/money/banking information;
  • clothes, your children’s favourite toy and/or blanket;
  • tax information, court documents;
  • irreplaceable valuables, such as jewelry, photo albums, etc. 

What if I have to leave in a hurry and I'm unable to bring anything?

Your and your children’s safety is priority. Support staff will help you apply for replacement documents, as necessary, and can provide you with personal care items such as toiletries and clothing, thanks to generous donations from the community.


What if I have a physical disability?

Lilli House is accessible with a wheelchair ramp, accessible bathroom, shower and bedrooms. If you have a Care Aide or Home Support Worker, arrangements can be made for that person to assist you in the house. 


What does it cost?

There is no cost to you when you come to Lilli House. All of our services are free.