What is Abuse

Intimate partner violence and abuse comes in many forms, whether physical, emotional or sexual, and it leaves deep marks that can be long-lasting.

Intimate partner violence and abuse includes, but is not limited to:

  • Emotional abuse such as criticisms and put-downs
  • Physical violence such as pushing and hitting, pinching, grabbing, choking, slapping
  • Sexual violence, such as non-consensual sex
  • Explicit or implied threats of harm against the woman and/or her children
  • Public or social humiliation
  • Financial control
  • Controlling behaviours that isolate a woman from friends, family or community and restricts her ability to make her own decisions
  • Destroying property or harming or neglecting pets

Comox Valley Transition Society can provide information and education to help you in making safe choices.

Does your partner...

  • Get jealous when you’re around other people?
  • Make fun of you in front of friends and family?
  • Destroy, or threaten to destroy, your possessions?
  • Praise you one minute and put you down the next?
  • Call you names or threaten you/threaten to take your children?
  • Ignore you or not take you seriously?
  • Make you choose between family/friends & them?
  • Push you around or hit you?
  • Say that abuse is wrong but hit the walls and yell at you?

Do you...

  • Have to ask permission to spend money or go out?
  • Feel isolated from friends, family and activities?
  • Have to make things right just for them?
  • Feel it’s your fault when anything goes wrong?

Do you feel...

  • Afraid to make decisions for fear of their reaction or anger?
  • That you have to check in if you go anywhere?
  • That they are trying to run your life?
  • Afraid to tell them if you have a good time?
  • That maybe all the terrible things they say about you are coming true or happening?
  • That you have to put your dreams and goals on hold?
  • Afraid to express your own opinions or say ‘no’ to something?
  • Your joy in your life diminishing?
  • Afraid to break up or leave them?

If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship. You are not alone.

COVID-19 Pandemic Notice


Thank you for visiting Comox Valley Transition Society’s website. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have modified our operations to ensure the continued delivery of our services while protecting the health and well-being of our clients, donors, staff and volunteers.

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Thank you for your patience, and remember: be kind, be calm and be safe.