You Are Strong

10 Week Kwakwaka'wakw youth suicide prevention initiative.

In this 10 week cohort we look at the spirit of suicide from an Indigenous social justice lens. Suicidality is a natural human response to carrying the burdens of 500+ years of colonial genocide.  In this work we move away from seeing suicidality as something broken within the individual, but a reflections of the brokenness of the invisible systems of oppression that drive the world we live in.  Together we will explore how we can resists the spirit of suicide during our “howling at the moon moments” by utilizing our breath, bodies, the land and our culture as forms of empowerment and self regulation.

Week 1, Sept 26: Creating a culture of belonging & cedar brushing ceremony
Week 2, Oct 3: Suicidality as a symptom of attempted & ongoing colonial genocide
Week 3, Oct 17: Impacts of trauma & how yoga can help us to heal
Week 4, Oct 24: Creating safety in relationships (polyvagal theory)
Week 5, Nov 7: Neuro decolonization & trauma informed yoga
Week 6, Nov 14: Identifiying our activators & trauma informed yoga
Week 7, Nov 21: Weaving our wellness basket & developing our solidarity team
Week 8, Nov 28: Weaving our wellness basket & new strategies in place of self harm
Week 9, Dec 5: Drumming singing & dancing as medicine & weaving our wellness basket
Week 10, Dec 12: Cold water cleanse ceremony & trauma informed yoga

September 26 - December 12

Monday Evenings 5PM – 8PM

Nalatsi Alternate School, 665 16th St., Courtenay, BC

To register email avisobrien at gmail dot com or call 604-839-8853