sweetgrass and shell bowl

Are you in need of someone to talk to or just to listen to you?

Do you know of someone who is lonely and needs a visit from
a trusting friend?

Do you require support going to court or the Ministry
(eg: visitation with children?)

Do you simply need an hour break from your household?

Call 250-897-0511 ext. 113 to speak with Gladys

We Also Offer: 

  • Talking Circles

  • Traditional Ceremonies

  • Traditional Healing

  • Traditional Arts & Crafts (volunteers needed)

  • One on One Support for Women

You are not alone, support is available”

Some of the beadwork made by the group and sold at the Aboriginal Day celebration on June 21, 2017


I would like to express my gratitude to the Comox Valley Transition Society for another program I benefited from and had fun attending. I enjoyed the connection with all the ladies and can’t wait to start back up in Sept.  Kleco Kleco (thank you). All my relations.

I really enjoyed beading class. Before the class I didn’t know how to bead now I am beading a bracelet, so that is my accomplishment of being in the beading group. The instructor is a wonderful lady and thank you for letting me part of the group.

I feel our beading class went very well and I was very happy to have the chance to teach some ladies to do beadwork. I look forward to September to continue the class. I enjoyed the class very much.

Ladies from the beading group at the year end lunch