It’s an idea that many of us hold dear. But for many women, children, elders and families in our community – it just isn’t the case. For too many, home is not a place of safety, security and sanctuary.

It is a place where family members or intimate partners use violence and coercion to maintain power and control. That’s why the Comox Valley Transition Society and a host of community partners come together annually for the “Peace Begins at Home” Purple Ribbon Campaign.

To help stop family violence in our community

  • Violence and abuse take root in the many types of inequality in our society

     Most at risk are women, children, youth, the elderly, persons with disabilities and aboriginal women and children.

  • Violence and abuse can be verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, or financial.

    People in our community are also vulnerable to violence and abuse because of their ethnicity, health, sexual orientation, gender identification or economic status. 

  • The subject is still very much taboo.

     Our goal is to bring this issue into the open and bring the community together in a collective commitment to end family violence.