In an Emergency

Access Lilli House

Lilli House, our transition house, provides safe, comfortable shelter for women fleeing abuse, and for their children.

  • In an emergency

    Call 911!

  • Getting to safety

    Staff will help make arrangements for you to get to Lilli House safely.

  • Caring people who want to help

    Staff are available 24 hours a day to provide information and emotional support in a safe, secure, non-judgmental, confidential environment.

  • Thinking of the kids

    Lilli House has a children’s program that provides activities and support to children, and to their mothers.

  • Providing practical support

    Residents are also provided with practical help and information to meet needs such as housing, legal information, income assistance, and services for children.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have to share a room with another woman?

No, women don’t share rooms in Lilli House. Each woman has her own room. The bedroom doors all lock and each woman has a key to her own room. Children share bedrooms with their mothers.

How long can I stay at Lilli House?

Our staff will work with you to develop a plan for your future. You can stay as long as you are working on that plan, whether you are looking for housing or developing a safety plan if you intend to return home. Some women only need to stay for a night or two. Others stay longer.

What if I have a physical disability?

Lilli House is fully wheelchair accessible, with a wheelchair accessible bathroom, shower, and bedrooms. If you have a Care Aide or Home Support Worker, arrangements can be made for that person to assist you in Lilli House.

What if I leave home in the middle of the night and don’t bring any clothing or toiletries?

With the help of generous donations from the community, we can usually supply what you will need by way of clothing and toiletries.

What about meals?

Each woman prepares breakfast and lunch for herself and her children. Residents take turns preparing dinner. Lilli House provides all the food. Our staff will assist any woman who is unable to prepare her own meals.

What does it cost?

Nothing. All Lilli House services are free.

Stabilization and Support Recovery Programs



To access Stabilization please call the Substance Use Nurse at St. Joseph’s Hospital – 250.339.1573

This program is now offered through Amethyst House. Please visit for more information


Supportive Recovery


To access Supportive Recovery please call Mental Health and Substance Use at Island Health – 250.331-8524

This program is now offered through Amethyst House. Please visit for more information