The Comox Valley Transition Society and the people behind it

Heather Ney

We were founded in 1987 by members of our community who were concerned that women in abusive relationships had nowhere to go. From 1989 – 1992, we operated a safe home network, in which local families volunteered to take women and children into their own homes.

In 1992, we were able to purchase a large home. Lilli House was opened that year, with 11 beds in 6 bedrooms. We also received funding that year to begin our Stop the Violence and Children Who Witness Abuse Counselling Programs. We began to offer Detox services in 1999 and Supportive Recovery services in 2000.

Currently, Lilli House has 14 beds in 9 bedrooms. An average of 300 women and children stay in Lilli House every year. We receive an average of 1500 crisis calls per year. Many more women and children access our counseling services.

Heather NeyExecutive Director