Dear Comox Valley: We miss you.

We are heartbroken 💔 that we are not able to be together at the store and see you rejoice when you find those hidden treasures, or delight in finding that special book. We miss hearing your stories about what you are looking for and why, or watching you discover that final piece to your project. We miss seeing the excitement you exude when we do our seasonal changes, or when you find that special gift/toy for those grandchildren you are so proud of.

We miss being part of your daily routine and hearing about your amazing holidays (we notice when you are not there!). We miss seeing you patiently wait for the store to open because you just HAVE to have that item we posted on Facebook. 😉

We miss the way you always ask for other ways you can help CVTS: everything from offering a free turkey or car(!), to dropping off unexpected gifts for staff & volunteers (like yummy homemade jam and fresh baking).

After the fire and during this pandemic, you always make sure to say ‘hi’ and check in with us when we see each other in public. You show us how much you genuinely care about us. 🥰

We miss the unconditional smiles, support and hard work of all of our volunteers.

Please know this: we are working hard to figure out the best, safest way possible for us to re-open and get back to doing what we love most – seeing you. We are so grateful for your patience and understanding while we figure this out.

From all of us at Too Good To Be Threw: be well, stay safe, and stay connected. We are better, together. And we will rebuild – together.

VIDEO: Staff from Too Good To Be Threw and the CVTS downtown office teamed up to organize a Thrift Store Fashion Show as part of the 2020 Comox Valley International Women’s Day Festival.