Support CVTS by purchasing tickets for the 50/50 Raffle. All money raised helps us support women, children and families in the Comox Valley who are fleeing abuse, overcoming trauma, working through recovery, or who are unsheltered and/or struggling through poverty.

Tickets are $2 each and available for purchase at both thrift store locations. The draw takes place on the last day of each month at 230 Puntledge Road store at the end of the business day. 

Winners do not have to be present to claim the prize. They will be contacted by phone and/or email within 10 days of the draw, and arrangements will be made for them to claim their prize. Winning ticket numbers will be posted in-store, announced on social media and shared on the website.

    50/50 Raffle Rules & Regulations

    TICKETS: A total of 10,000 tickets are available for purchase at $2 each with a maximum revenue of $20,000 for the combined 12 monthly draws taking place at 239 Puntledge Road.

    Each month will have a specified total number of tickets for sale, with that number and the date, time and location of the draw listed on the ticket. The total jackpot is dependent on total number of tickets sold. The winner gets half of the total monthly jackpot.

    ELIGIBILITY: Ticket purchasers must be 19 years of age or older. If a minor’s name appears on the ticket stub, the prize must be collected by the minor’s parents/legal guardian/trustee.

    CVTS employees, directors, and those persons responsible for the conduct and management of the ticket raffle are not permitted to purchase tickets.

    CLAIMING THE PRIZE:  To claim the prize, winners are required to:

    • produce the winning ticket stub,
    • have valid government issued photo identification, and
    • sign for the prize.

    Winners have 1 year from the draw date to claim their prize. If the prize goes unclaimed, the money will be donated to a beneficiary approved by the B.C. Gaming Branch.

    2019 Ticket Winners:

    July 2019
    Ticket #5971376
    Andrea Hache, $971.00

    August 2019
    Ticket #3282009
    Jeannie Spencer, $807.00

    September 2019
    Ticket #3282486
    Mary Keuber, $622.00

    October 2019
    Ticket #3282601
    Gay Jones, $873.00

    November 2019
    Ticket #7839400
    Terry Lhiirondelle, $1058.00

    December 2019
    Ticket #8372381
    NO NAME ON TICKET, $995.00

    2020 Ticket Winners:

    January 2020
    Ticket #9090245
    Kenneth Jellie, $914.00

    February 2020
    Ticket #9090849
    Zena Omelko, $888.00

    March 2020
    Ticket #0353170
    Josh Maxwell, $291.00
    *ticket sales cut off early due to COVID-19 store closure

    April 2020

    May 2020

    June 2020
    Ticket #0353382
    Anne Kirkwood,  $561.00

    2020 Ticket Winners:

    July 2020
    Ticket #312
    Kim Slomnicki, $467.00

    August 2020
    Ticket #581
    Faye Thompson, $638.00

    September 2020
    Ticket #033
    Casey Matute, $440.00

    October 2020

    November 2020

    December 2020